3 Culprits that Steal a Mom’s Joy

First, FYI about a free Mom event for all of us, and then a video from the archives of my motherhood…

Every year for the past several years my friend Tami Kiser, author of the book Smart Martha’s Guide for Busy Moms, puts on a virtual (usually free!) conference for women. It’s really a fantastic concept: provide quality programming on a pertinent topic to moms right where they are, so they can listen and learn in the pockets of their busy days.

Do you have 15-20 minutes while you fold the laundry or do the dishes? Play one of the talks from your phone or tablet and be encouraged and equipped in your motherhood while you go about your day and tasks.

This year’s theme is Pass It On, and it includes 15 talks by speakers like Danielle Bean and Steve Ray who will each speak about one thing you should put in your child’s “backpack” for the journey of life. It’s a really cool concept, and I think we’ll hear topics like virtues, manners, forgiveness, good habits, education, and more.

The conference runs October 10-15 and you can sign up for free here. Let me know in the comments if you plan to join in!

From the Archives of My Motherhood… 

When Tami first launched this virtual  mom conference idea years ago, she invited me to be one of the presenters. It was an honor to be on her speaker list with women like Rachel Balducci, Leila Marie Lawler, and January Donovan – mothers whom I looked up to so much in my own motherhood.

That year, Tami asked me to speak on “Culprits that Steal a Mom’s Joy, and How to Avoid Them.” At the time I was just starting to come into a place of peace with who I was in my motherhood, so this talk came straight from my heart, my own woundedness, and my gratefulness at breaking free from the ugly traps that had stolen my joy, my confidence, my “mojo” in those early years of mom life.

Avoiding the “three C’s” that steal your joy has been huge in my life, and I hope these simple words encourage you today.

Love, Steph

2 thoughts on “3 Culprits that Steal a Mom’s Joy

  1. Hey Stephanie! I’m so happy to discover your blog and was really excited to see your name on the list of speakers for the conference. I host a monthly breakfast for a mom’s group and we have been going through the conferences. It was great meeting you at Edel! 😍


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