Free (or Really Cheap) Ways I Boost My Family’s Immune Systems

First I have to share a Halloween picture because Grace was Belle and had three brave protectors and...I just do. Hope your family had a wonderful Halloween and All Saints and All Souls this week! Apart from the dress up and feasting fun, October was a doozy at our house. It's been years since my … Continue reading Free (or Really Cheap) Ways I Boost My Family’s Immune Systems

A (Doable) Morning Self-Care Routine

A long time ago I saw a quote online, I think it was from Olympian Rebecca Dussault of Fit Catholic Mom, and it said: MORNING CHECKLIST:  Something Physical Something Mental Something Spiritual Something Nourishing  This short list is a recipe for so many positive things in a woman's mind, heart, body and spirit. I so … Continue reading A (Doable) Morning Self-Care Routine

My Elderberry Syrup Recipe

  We're finally on the mend after two weeks of a bad cold traveling through our family. I feel like the minute the first boots and sweater weather arrives all of North Carolina school children catch something awful. I'm grateful for all my mama friends who've taught me home remedies and mentored me through a … Continue reading My Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Monday Food Prep

Confession: I'm horrible at meal planning. Sitting down to plan a week or two of meals just kicks my butt every time. My sister Catherine just sent me some awesome-looking meal planning sheets she got at the Container Store, so I hope I can discipline myself to use them and build a new habit. In … Continue reading Monday Food Prep

Essential Oils: How to Get Started

You've probably heard of Essential Oils, but maybe you feel like I did before I started using them - completely overwhelmed about W H A T they actually were, with no idea H O W to use them. Years later, my family now uses oils regularly to support our physical, emotional, and mental health. To … Continue reading Essential Oils: How to Get Started

7 Ways to Help a Child Fight Allergies

My son Mark suffers from severe environmental and seasonal allergies. Of all his allergies, he’s most allergic to oak tree pollen. Translated, this month is ground zero for his symptoms. If I left him untreated his face would look like this ^ and his eyes would swell shut all through the yellow pollen dump.  Watching … Continue reading 7 Ways to Help a Child Fight Allergies

My Essential Oils (Conversion) Story

Originally written in 2013 and titled His Illness and How We Got Our Son Back...  St. Thomas the Apostle (The Doubter) should be my patron saint. I’m stubborn. And I’m naturally a doubter – the “you’ve gotta show me” – type. Time and again, God has shown His sense of humor in the ways He’s nudged me … Continue reading My Essential Oils (Conversion) Story

Paleo Pie and a Piece to Chew On

Happy Friday! It’s been one of “those weeks” around here and I can’t wait to have my favorite guy home for the weekend. He just makes everything better around here. Regardless of how your week has gone, I’m hoping to send you into the weekend with two of my favorite things: words of wisdom, and dessert. … Continue reading Paleo Pie and a Piece to Chew On