Free (or Really Cheap) Ways I Boost My Family’s Immune Systems

First I have to share a Halloween picture because Grace was Belle and had three brave protectors and...I just do. Hope your family had a wonderful Halloween and All Saints and All Souls this week! Apart from the dress up and feasting fun, October was a doozy at our house. It's been years since my … Continue reading Free (or Really Cheap) Ways I Boost My Family’s Immune Systems

A (Doable) Morning Self-Care Routine

A long time ago I saw a quote online, I think it was from Olympian Rebecca Dussault of Fit Catholic Mom, and it said: MORNING CHECKLIST:¬† Something Physical Something Mental Something Spiritual Something Nourishing¬† This short list is a recipe for so many positive things in a woman's mind, heart, body and spirit. I so … Continue reading A (Doable) Morning Self-Care Routine

My Elderberry Syrup Recipe

  We're finally on the mend after two weeks of a bad cold traveling through our family. I feel like the minute the first boots and sweater weather arrives all of North Carolina school children catch something awful. I'm grateful for all my mama friends who've taught me home remedies and mentored me through a … Continue reading My Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Pottery Barn Decorating on a Walmart Budget

[Alternate Title: Free (or Really Cheap) Fall Decorating Ideas] Happy weekend! We're in our second to last weekend of baseball season, so we'll be at the field times three on Saturday, and then hoping to get some yard work, football watching, and chili eating in afterwards. Yesterday was the first unofficial day of fall here … Continue reading Pottery Barn Decorating on a Walmart Budget

My Deepest Wound and a Story of Healing

"In my deepest wound I saw your glory and it astounded me." - Saint Augustine This is hard for me to write. I feel uncomfortably vulnerable, but I also feel compelled to tell my story and witness to what God has done for me. Six Octobers ago on this day, I shared the story of … Continue reading My Deepest Wound and a Story of Healing

Mommy I Do Not Love You Anymore

Kids say the darnedest things, but there's not a mother on Earth who wants to hear her son or daughter profess they've fallen out of love with the one who gave them life. It's not a good feeling y'all. I know, because my son said these words to me. If you know me in real … Continue reading Mommy I Do Not Love You Anymore

Monday Food Prep

Confession: I'm horrible at meal planning. Sitting down to plan a week or two of meals just kicks my butt every time. My sister Catherine just sent me some awesome-looking meal planning sheets she got at the Container Store, so I hope I can discipline myself to use them and build a new habit. In … Continue reading Monday Food Prep

The Little Way to a Beautiful Home

I first heard about the little French girl who taught the world a "little way" they could love God, love people, and pursue holiness, when I was ten. I was raised a Presbyterian pastor's kid, and when I was nine my whole family converted to Catholicism. Up to that point, things like sacraments, the Rosary, … Continue reading The Little Way to a Beautiful Home