Our 2020/2021 Homeschool Plan

A New Year and a New Plan  This is probably the most requested blog post I've ever written, and I apologize in advance that it's a brain dump, not a carefully word crafted masterpiece. As the emails, phone calls, and text messages have poured in asking me to share "EXACTLY what curriculum you use and … Continue reading Our 2020/2021 Homeschool Plan

Audio Books for Kids (The Secret to Happy Car Life)

From their earliest years, I knew that the bedrock of my kids' early education would be read-aloud stories. My mother's tireless commitment to reading aloud to her children shaped my own childhood in so many ways, and I wanted to give my own little ones the same experience of the world through great literature and … Continue reading Audio Books for Kids (The Secret to Happy Car Life)

Twaddle (Part 1)

If you are a teacher, home educator, or just an avid reader, you're probably very familiar with the term "Twaddle." When I became a Mom, I had absolutely no idea what "Twaddle" meant. It was while reading Tsh Oxenreider's book Notes from a Blue Bike that I was introduced to this term that Charlotte Mason coined about a century … Continue reading Twaddle (Part 1)