My Deepest Wound and a Story of Healing

"In my deepest wound I saw your glory and it astounded me." - Saint Augustine This is hard for me to write. I feel uncomfortably vulnerable, but I also feel compelled to tell my story and witness to what God has done for me. Six Octobers ago on this day, I shared the story of … Continue reading My Deepest Wound and a Story of Healing

37 Ways to Romance Your Husband

[From the archives of my previous blog, Little Bit of Paradise...] I recently read an article written by a Catholic woman in which she outlined ways to romance our husbands. I must admit, the article left me more than a little frustrated. The ideas put forth in the article included the suggestions “leave lipstick kisses … Continue reading 37 Ways to Romance Your Husband

The Way to His Heart (Recipe Included)

6:00 pm on a weeknight and he steps out of the car, grabs his suit coat and his briefcase and tries to slough off the stresses of the job as he walks up the driveway to the peels of “Daddeeeeeees Hoooommmmme!” emanating from the dining room window. As he opens the door he’s greeted by … Continue reading The Way to His Heart (Recipe Included)

NFP Sucks

Note: Writers and theologians far more qualified than I have written tomes about what NFP (Natural Family Planning) is, why it is important, and how to practice it in your marriage. So for the sake of time and space, I won’t go into those details, and will in fact assume you can find a basic education … Continue reading NFP Sucks