A (Doable) Morning Self-Care Routine

A long time ago I saw a quote online, I think it was from Olympian Rebecca Dussault of Fit Catholic Mom, and it said: MORNING CHECKLIST:  Something Physical Something Mental Something Spiritual Something Nourishing  This short list is a recipe for so many positive things in a woman's mind, heart, body and spirit. I so … Continue reading A (Doable) Morning Self-Care Routine

My Deepest Wound and a Story of Healing

"In my deepest wound I saw your glory and it astounded me." - Saint Augustine This is hard for me to write. I feel uncomfortably vulnerable, but I also feel compelled to tell my story and witness to what God has done for me. Six Octobers ago on this day, I shared the story of … Continue reading My Deepest Wound and a Story of Healing

Mommy I Do Not Love You Anymore

Kids say the darnedest things, but there's not a mother on Earth who wants to hear her son or daughter profess they've fallen out of love with the one who gave them life. It's not a good feeling y'all. I know, because my son said these words to me. If you know me in real … Continue reading Mommy I Do Not Love You Anymore

Meet Supermom

(From the archives of my previous blog, Little Bit of Paradise)... I’ve noticed a recurring theme on “mom blogs” as the calendar turned a New Year: lots of moms are writing about once and for all “throwing in the towel” and committing to give up any notion of being – or ever becoming – “Supermom.” … Continue reading Meet Supermom